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Why Traveling is Important for your Soul

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Some say we live in a stressful world; buses to catch, assignments to give in on time, and even peer pressure like we talked about before.

One of the best things to do when we are stressed is to close our eyes, focus on our breathing & imagine ourselves in a calm and nice place we want to be in. It can be a quiet golden beach, a snowy mountain or a colorful flower field.

Why stay only in your imagination when you can actually be in amazing places like these?!

That’s what traveling is all about! Our world has so much to give us, so while we travel, we give our soul what it really wants – for us to be only in places we really want to be in and to do only things we really want to do.

When you travel, YOU decide what your trip will look like – a lot of leisure time beside the peaceful beach, or nonstop hikes to the top of the highest mountains, or half & half and so on. YOU decide if you go with your loving family or your hilarious best friends. The main things are to enjoy, explore and gain experiences that your everyday life can’t give you.

Trust me here: allow yourself a break from your routine and go travel. it doesn’t need to be long or expensive; it can also be a short weekend outdoors. Your soul will thank you for it, even for months after you come back.

The next time you want to think of a calm space to relax, fall asleep faster or just for the fun of it, you don’t have to imagine any more – you can just reminisce!

One thing to try and avoid when traveling – try not to get the traveling bug like these celebs 😉

TeenBuzz blogger Hanny loves traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, spending time with friends and doing all kinds of crafts, preferably from natural elements ?☀

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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