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Hot Topic: Travel

Why Traveling is Important for your Soul

Some say we live in a stressful world; buses to catch, assignments to give in on time, and even peer pressure like we talked about before. One of the best things to do when we are stressed is to close our eyes, focus on our breathing & imagine ourselves in a calm and nice place we want to be in. It can be a quiet golden beach, a snowy mountain […]

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Celebs Who Have Been Bitten by the Travel Bug

It took me a long time to realize and a long time to admit, but now I will - I have the travel bug! Also, I don’t know how to get rid of it and… I’m not sure I want to! For those of you who don’t know what the travel bug is, I'll explain shortly. Before I do, don’t worry! it’s not a real bug, it can’t bite your […]

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Hot Topic: Travel

Coming Together for Peace

We woke up at midnight, put on our warmest clothes, packed a few snacks and made our way to the bottom of Mount Sinai – ‘Jabal Musa’ (Mountain of Moses), as it is known by the local Egyptians. Why were we there in the first place? We heard about a peace ceremony that was going to be at the top of the mountain, so we just knew we are going […]

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