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Top 5 Weird Sports

Do you think you know all the sports? Around the world, there are many funny and bizarre sports you have probably never heard of! Curious to find out more? Keep reading :) 1. Bubble Soccer In this quirky sport, players are strapped into huge inflatable bubbles covering their head and upper body, and play with the same rules as soccer. This sport is not only incredibly fun to play, but […]

todayFebruary 26, 2020 134

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5 Sports Book Recommendations

Whether you enjoy stories of first love, competition, real-life drama or underdogs rising to the top, these books centered on sports will appeal to you teen readers who love the thrill of the game: 1. “A Short History of the Girl Next Door” by Jared Reck Matt has loved Tabby, his best friend and neighbor, for as long as he can remember. When a terrible accident changes everything, Matt isn’t […]

todayFebruary 26, 2020 41 2

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Get in Shape! 5 Ways to Get Started

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A new year is here and it’s an excellent opportunity to start something new in your life! Many TeenBuzz readers told us that one of their New-Year's resolutions is to get in shape this year. So, especially for you, I gathered the best five ways to get started: 1. Inspiration WHY do you want to get in shape? Find your reason for being fit so you’ll have motivation throughout your […]

todayJanuary 15, 2020 15

Pets and Animal Rights

DIY Gifts for your Pets

The cold holiday season is here and I'm glad to present you with my top 5 DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts you can give your pets. These gifts will make them happy and warm throughout the wintery days. A Homemade House Cut and shape a cardboard box into a luxury home for your pet. Put inside an old blanket to make it extra cozy. A Soft Toy Take old clothes, […]

todayDecember 22, 2019 13

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Everyone got ready for school with basic supplies like backpacks and notebooks. To make your school time even better, I gathered my TOP 5 cool, fun and useful items that will do that perfectly: Headphones - listen to music on your way to school or hear a "white noise" track while you study. Color Ballpoint Pen - what's more useful than a pen with multiple colors?! Planner Pack - a […]

todayAugust 31, 2019 7

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Soon we go back to school. Some of us are happy about that, some less so. No matter how you feel, if you want to make this year special and meaningful, try one or more of our Top 5 Ways to do that: After School Activities – performing arts like theater, choir (just like Glee!) or debate team will bring your talent to the front of the stage. All are […]

todayAugust 25, 2019 4

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Top 5 Trends for Summer 2019

From Paris and Milan to London and New York, the street's fashion displays what’s trendy right now. Here, I've rounded up the top style trends for this summer. The best part? It's so diverse, you probably already have some of the items in your closet! Lavender Tones: Neon colors are out, lavender is in! This's the softest take of the trends this season. All Animal Prints: Animal prints are having […]

todayJuly 4, 2019 12

Healthy Lifestyle

5 Surprising Ways to Cool the Summer

The sun is out, we seek shade and try to do whatever we can to stay cool. Here are our top 5 surprising ways to stay cool this summer: Plant or Get Houseplants Houseplants can make a room feel cooler because they release moisture into the air. They can also improve your mood (great when you are cranky from the heat) and purify the air. Up Your Vitamin C Intake […]

todayJuly 4, 2019 22

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5 Top Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

At the beginning of the summer holiday, our time off from school seems endless. We make so many plans for ourselves: go visit family, learn how to play guitar, sort out things in our room and so on. After having our "To Do" list in mind, most of us continue as usual and one day just realize the days are passing while we aren't achieving our goals. For that not […]

todayJuly 4, 2019 8


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