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Veganism & Sport – Is there a Connection?

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Proteins are amino acids that are essential for our bodies to function properly. They are connected to the sports world because they help build muscle, which is actually building and repairing tissue after exercise or injury. An important thing to say is that they aren’t only for that. Protein is found in bone, skin, hair, and virtually every body part.

Some people believe they should get protein mainly from meat. There is a question whether that’s really the best form of protein for human beings. According to research, plant-based food has many health and nutritional benefits and can be high in protein, so there is no need to worry here.

As plant-based lifestyles become more well-known and accessible, many people are now promoting veganism as a way of maximizing performance time and achievements. Many athletes are switching to a vegan diet and are speaking of improvement in their performance. They are vegan for a combination of health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits.

Famous vegan athletes include cyclist Molly Cameron, 5-time Wimbledon winning tennis player Serena Williams, and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. UK football club Forest Green Rovers is the world’s first all-vegan football team and has been plant-based since 2010.

To combine high-in-protein meals in your after-workout routine, check out Veggie Chef Recipes. I really recommend treating yourself by making Chickpea Frittata after an exercise!

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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