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Top 5 Weird Sports

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Do you think you know all the sports? Around the world, there are many funny and bizarre sports you have probably never heard of! Curious to find out more? Keep reading 🙂

1. Bubble Soccer
In this quirky sport, players are strapped into huge inflatable bubbles covering their head and upper body, and play with the same rules as soccer. This sport is not only incredibly fun to play, but it’s also absolutely hilarious to watch!

2. Muggles Quidditch
This sport was first described in the famous Harry Potter book series, which is meant to be played on flying broomsticks. Real-world enthusiasts have invented a land version that is played on a hockey field.

3. Toe Wrestling
This sport is similar to arm wrestling, with players attempting to pin down their opponent’s toes for three seconds. Players play with bare feet, alternating between their left and right foot, and play the best of three rounds.

4. Wheelbarrow Racing
In Kenya, there is an annual 5-kilometer wheelbarrow race! Funds raised from this fun event go to conservation efforts of a national park there.

5. Giant Pumpkin Kayaking
If you thought pumpkins are only for Halloween – think again! People carve, decorate and go kayaking in their pumpkin for a mile-long race.

Which one of these hilarious sports would you play? Let us know!

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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