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DIY Gifts for your Pets

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The cold holiday season is here and I’m glad to present you with my top 5 DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts you can give your pets. These gifts will make them happy and warm throughout the wintery days.

  1. A Homemade House

Cut and shape a cardboard box into a luxury home for your pet. Put inside an old blanket to make it extra cozy.

  1. A Soft Toy

Take old clothes, cut them into long wide strings and braid them together tightly. Take tennis balls and cut two holes in each. Thread the braid through the balls to make the toy soft and chewy.

  1. Matching Scarfs for you and your Pet

Knit or cut out from an old table cloth two scarfs – one for you and one for your furry friend!

  1. Personalized Collar

Upgrade your pet’s collar with painting it in your own unique way. Tip: Add a pretty tag with your pet’s name on one side and your address on the other.

  1. Our Vegan Pet Treats!

Check it out HERE.

Do you have more ideas for cool DIY gifts? Let us know!

Talking about pets, can you imagine bees as a pet? Read more about it in Saving the Bees during School-Time.

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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