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“Aw Sweet!”, this is probably not something you would say if you saw a bee. You would probably run for cover, but with their hard work, they manage to produce the ultimate natural sweet product, honey. You all know that bees produce honey, but there are many things you don’t know about these busy bees.

Get to Work

I meant it when I said “busy bees”. They are always at work and yes, they work harder than us. In the summer they work so hard that they can’t survive for longer than six weeks, unlike the winter where they can live for up to nine months. These bees are such workaholics that they are willing to put there life to an end just to get that golden jackpot.

Can You Spot Her?

Long live the Queen! These bees are truly willing to do anything for their queen, and dying is one of them. When a male bee mates with the Queen bee, his endophallus gets stuck and he eventually dies. The male bees’ sole purpose is to mate; they don’t even have the ability to carry pollen. Sexist much?


Honey is invincible. Ever thought about how long honey can last in your cupboard? Well, it can last…FOREVER. Pure honey can never go bad, however it will eventually crystallize and produce crystals of sugar (that sounds yummy too).


Think you can dance? Bees are expert dancers – so good in fact that they use dance as a way to communicate and describe the location of their honey. This dance is called “The Waggle Dance”, and the more they “waggle”, the further the food is from their home

What Was That?

Doesn’t that buzzing noise give you the creeps? Well that noise actually comes from their wings, not their mouth. Bees need to beat their wings pretty fast in order to fly…..11,400 times a minute to be exact.

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