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Dream Boxes for Everyone

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You know how people always tell you that if you want to think creatively you have to think outside of the box? Well, Patricia Manubay, an 18 year-old American girl from Filipino descent did the exact opposite – she thought inside the box…literally.

On a visit to the Philippines, she was shocked to see that children younger than her lived in such poverty that they had to work during the day to help their families. So, she founded “Dream Boxes” – boxes which include all the necessary supplies needed for school, like notebooks, pens and pencils. They are donated from students around the world to other students who might need them. Although these supplies are quite basic, children who come from poor families might not be able to afford them. Ok, but is that what makes her dream boxes special? Well no, apart from the basic necessities for a child to be able to study at school successfully, a dream journal is also put inside with a letter of encouragement to help inspire children to dream big.

Patricia’s goal is to reach 100,000 dream boxes. So far so good – nearly 50,000 boxes have been donated around the world, with over $726,837 raised towards the cause. Patricia, keep spreading your encouragement and support for children’s success around the world, and you at home, join in and make your own box and let’s help reach the 100,000 box goal.

One little box could mean the world for someone out there!

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