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Nutritional Sweet Potato Bowl

Are you looking for a quick, healthy, high-protein and tasty meal to enjoy after a workout or before beginning an active day? This sweet potato bowl is your answer! At the beginning of the week, you can roast 3-4 sweet potatoes in the oven and store them in a glass container in the fridge. Every morning, just take out one sweet potato, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds […]

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Celebrity Workout Secrets

The stars might have expensive personal trainers and access to the best gyms in the world, but celebs still need to work hard to stay in shape - money can’t buy motivation or commitment! Here are some workout secrets from celebrities who love being healthy and fit. Fitness queen Jennifer Lopez drinks plenty of water, both before and after a workout. Lopez also ensures her diet consists of healthy foods: […]

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How Celebs Keep Fit

Celebrities are constantly juggling busy work schedules, but they’re always conscious about eating healthy and staying in shape for every event they attend. Do you want to know how they do it? All you need to know is written below. They make time to work out. With busy schedules, celebrities don’t always have the time to work out, but they improvise to squeeze in a session whenever they can, even […]

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Best After-Training Treat – Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Caramelized banana oatmeal is sweet, creamy, and easy to throw together as breakfast, lunch, or a snack after a workout. The recipe is high in protein, potassium, and vitamin B6. It’s also vegan, naturally gluten-free and SO delicious! It will warm up your cold mornings and encourage you to have workouts so you can enjoy it afterwards :) Ingredients: 1 cup rolled oats 2 cups plant-based milk or water 2 […]

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Sport Opportunities for All – The Special Olympics

What does every child want? The chance to kick a ball, to throw it well and to share that success with family members. What does every child with intellectual disabilities want? The exact same thing”. That’s what the team at Special Olympics, an organization for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, believes. Every year, more than 100,000 competitions are held in 32 Olympic-type sports in 172 countries. About five million […]

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Celebs who Played School Sports

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many schools have different kind of sports teams. You might even be on one or two of them. Also, colleges and universities have projects where students take part and compete in sports as part of their study scholarship. What a lot of you probably don’t know is that a lot of our favorite celebrities also took part in sports teams! Here are a few of them: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson […]

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Health & Fitness

Staying Healthy throughout the Day

After establishing that a healthy day starts in the morning (click and read if you haven’t yet), we want to know how we can maintain it throughout the day. This is relevant for everyone! Students or people who work in an office – we all want the healthiest lifestyle we can get ? Lessons and Working Environment – During your studies or work, straighten your posture, increase your activity by […]

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How Selena Gomez Stays Healthy

Since being a star on the Disney Channel, Selena Gomez hasn't left the spotlight. Being under the spotlight hasn't been easy 100% of the time for her. She had to deal with some negative comments from the press and social media. Selena chose not to feel bad or give up, she chose to talk about learning to love and accept herself - no matter what. While traveling the world during […]

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New Year’s Resolutions at TeenBuzz Radio

A new year is just around the corner! At this time, we are all starting to think about what we want in our lives for the upcoming year and even after – our new year's resolutions. I'm not sure yet what I want, so I went around the TeenBuzz Radio station to gather ideas. In front of the mike, I caught Richard Freedman. He said that he wanted to be […]

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