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New Year’s Resolutions at TeenBuzz Radio

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A new year is just around the corner! At this time, we are all starting to think about what we want in our lives for the upcoming year and even after – our new year’s resolutions. I’m not sure yet what I want, so I went around the TeenBuzz Radio station to gather ideas.

In front of the mike, I caught Richard Freedman. He said that he wanted to be more positive this year and to get the chance to interview as many Helen Doron students as possible. “Oh, and to grow more hair on my head would be nice too,” Richard added.

Next to Richard was Aryel, surrounded by many cables he was fixing and organizing. “This year, I want to compose Mannie’s birthday song and more TeenBuzz Radio jingles. More than all, I want to go on a roadshow.” He said while starting to daydream about it.

I allowed myself to disturb Neely, who was reading about the latest celebrity gossip, to ask my question. “I want to spend more time doing things for myself and just follow through with my commitments all year long,” she answered. “That’s something really nice to want. What will help you gain that?” I asked. “Having my friends and family support me in any commitment I make.” Neely replied.

Marilyn, Mannie and Leah all said they want to eat healthier and to exercise more this year. Besides that, Mannie really wants to become a sports freak and build more muscle. “I’m going to Australia to celebrate the New Year and to visit with my father, who will help me achieve my goals,” she said with a huge smile.

Another resolution Leah has is to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the weirdest news ever. Good luck with that, Leah! Marilyn added she wants to be more grateful and to see only the positive things in people. “Great Idea!” I said, “But how do you do that?” “If you look at the positive, it generates more positive.” Marilyn said and walked away singing the optimistic song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

Wow, now I have a lot of ideas and it’s time to think about my New Year’s Resolutions. Do you already have yours? Let me know what you want to gain this year! No matter what you decide, I think making these Animal Gingerbread Cookies should be one of your goals.

This was written by TeenBuzz blogger Hanny, the most adventurous member of our TeenBuzz radio team. She loves traveling as much as she can to experience and learn about different cultures, food, scenery and most of all – the people.

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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