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Top Five Ridiculous Facts

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Yes, you read correctly! We have the top five most ridiculous facts of all time and we are going to let you in on the juicy details. So get ready, and let’s get ridiculous.

1) Did you know that if you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground, it won’t be able to hop? This is because kangaroos use their tail to give it the push it needs to hop. Don’t go trying it out though, you wouldn’t want to get kicked!


2) Have you ever wondered why pigeons bob their heads when they move around? They actually do it to see better. We humans also use a mechanism to see better when focusing on something, and that is by slight twitches of the eye.


3) Are you a pet lover? In Switzerland, there is a law against owning ONE guinea pig. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all, it just means that if you plan on getting a guinea pig, you need to get it a furry friend to play with. Guinea pigs are very social animals and therefore having only one is TORTURE for them. They are said to live shorter lives if they live alone too!


4) We all know that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. But did you know that a descendant of the T-Rex still walks among us today? Scientists examined the bones of the T-Rex and found that the chicken is its closest descendant!


5) Last fact of the day everyone! Did you know that no matter how hard you try, no one can actually lick their elbow? I am sure you are trying it right now!

Written by: Mannie

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