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While writing articles for Movement and Fitness Month on TeenBuzz, I started wondering what my radio team friends do to keep healthy and fit. Here is what I found out:

“I started playing tennis when I was a little boy because I saw it on TV and my parents loved it. At some point, I stopped playing, but as an adult, I started again two years ago. I continued because I felt I needed some exercise and I just love it!”

“My practice for health is to get the perfect night’s sleep. It’s important to figure out what is enough for your body to ensure a fresh day.”

“I started hula hooping as a kid and basically forgot about it until I saw some at a music festival and decided to see if I could still do it. I finally found a sport that was enjoyable for me! I hoop when watching TV and it has improved my balance and strength. This is my sport!”

And myself? I love working out outdoors. Practicing yoga on the grass or going hiking with a friend – just give me sunshine with a view and I can continue forever 🙂

Read more about the TeenBuzz team HERE!

TeenBuzz blogger Hanny loves traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, spending time with friends and doing all kinds of crafts, preferably from natural elements ?☀

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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