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Mathilda’s Healthy Job

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Meet Mathilda: she’s originally from Sweden, in her 20’s and already working at a full-time job that makes the world a healthier place!

Hey Mathilda, tell us a bit about yourself – what do you like to do?

Hi! I like to hike, dance, climb, work out and just do anything that’s connected to body and nature. I also used to work as a ski instructor in the north of Sweden.

Where do you work these days?

I work for an organization that gives anyone who hasn’t got the right to healthcare free care (like refugees/asylum seekers). It has an open clinic, pharmacy, and a mobile clinic. Besides that, all the doctors and nurses are volunteers!

That’s amazing!

Tell me how your work is connected to your personal life.

I’m kind of a ‘health nerd’ – I’ve studied things that are connected to health, nutrition and exercise. I work in the health care services and I can say that health is a way of life for me. I feel my body thanks me when I treat it good.

A while ago you came back from Africa; what did you do there?

I’ve done two projects. The first was in Kenya in a youth center, in an area where the people live in harsh conditions. We talked to the people and built a program to meet their needs – especially health ones.

The other project was in Zambia. I worked for women’s rights for justice. I was lecturing with a local police officer and a doctor to give information that women there don’t know. It was so successful!

Health-wise, what do you recommend to teenagers around the world who want to make a difference in their own environment?  

I think the best way is being a representative oneself. It inspires others, even tiny things! Work out with others, cook food together and talk about things like mental health, which is a huge part of health. Share personal life changes from your healthy lifestyle and it will also affect others!

Thanks Mathilda and good luck with everything!

TeenBuzz blogger Hanny loves traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, spending time with friends and doing all kinds of crafts, preferably from natural elements ?☀

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Staying healthy with Hanny!

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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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