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The MTV show “Pimp My Ride” is well-known for its crazy styles, upgrades and transformations to cars. But someone took upgrading and transformations into their own hands.

Meet Jon Koon, an entrepreneur, artist and fashion designer.

Koon had such a passion for cars that at the age of 16, he opened up his first business in New York where he specialized in selling auto-parts in order to “pimp” rides for those other car lovers out there. Word started to spread about Koon’s business and he became a millionaire that same year. But it didn’t stop there – Koon eventually made his way to our TV screens, when he became one of the main suppliers for the MTV show “Pimp My Ride”. That must have been a dream come true for Koon! However, his business was short lived and he decided he wanted to study International Business and Management at university instead.

After finishing his degree, Koon then took his career down a different path after seeing that people were copying his idea of selling auto-parts. What a cheek! So in 2008, he decided to transition from the world of cars to the fashion industry. He started making high quality merchandise for a hip hop group called The Diplomats and only a few months later he received an important call. No, it wasn’t the President; it was the one and only Jay-Z, who happened to hear about Koon’s product and wanted to work with him. What are the chances, huh? Koon eventually became the sole manufacturer of Rocca wear headwear. This guy just doesn’t stop impressing us! But wait for it…there’s more. Jon came to the conclusion that the US just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. So, he packed up and left for the fashion capital of the world, Italy, and partnered up with an Italian designer and launched Domenico Vacca Denim.

What is Jon Koon doing today? At the age of only 32, he runs a high-fashion concept store called Private Stock in the middle of New York’s SoHo.

So why does Jon keeps moving from business to business? Well, he believes that a business will inevitably end, and in his words, “I was always interested in being a creator”. Who knows where he will be in the future, but I am sure he will surprise us.

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Written by: Mannie

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