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Saving Water – Every Drop Makes a Difference!

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Although it seems like we have an endless supply of water, in many places water is scarce. Even where water is plentiful, saving as much water as possible is important for the future of all of us.  Just a few small changes can really help!

How can you do your part?  Make sure to:

  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and soaping up your hands
  • Take short showers (up to 7 minutes) instead of tub baths
  • Instead of wasting water in the shower, put a bucket under the tap while you wait for your shower to get hot, and use the water for your plants.
  • Remind your parents to get leaks fixed, as a lot of water is wasted through dripping faucets!
  • Reuse water that eggs or pasta have been cooked in. After it’s cooled, it can be used to water plants.

There are many more ways to use less water. How are you, your family and your community saving water?

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Written by: Mannie

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