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Celebrity Workout Secrets

The stars might have expensive personal trainers and access to the best gyms in the world, but celebs still need to work hard to stay in shape - money can’t buy motivation or commitment! Here are some workout secrets from celebrities who love being healthy and fit. Fitness queen Jennifer Lopez drinks plenty of water, both before and after a workout. Lopez also ensures her diet consists of healthy foods: […]

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How Celebs Keep Fit

Celebrities are constantly juggling busy work schedules, but they’re always conscious about eating healthy and staying in shape for every event they attend. Do you want to know how they do it? All you need to know is written below. They make time to work out. With busy schedules, celebrities don’t always have the time to work out, but they improvise to squeeze in a session whenever they can, even […]

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Celebs who Played School Sports

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many schools have different kind of sports teams. You might even be on one or two of them. Also, colleges and universities have projects where students take part and compete in sports as part of their study scholarship. What a lot of you probably don’t know is that a lot of our favorite celebrities also took part in sports teams! Here are a few of them: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson […]

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Celebs: Healthy Lifestyle

Celebrate Vegan Month!

World Vegan Month is here, and we can start celebrating!  This month first occurred in 1994 as a way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society. Its purpose is to promote the benefits of a vegan diet, veganism and the term “Vegan”. So, what is Veganism?  It’s avoiding all acts of cruelty against animals. That means having a plant-based diet (no meat, dairy milk, eggs or honey) […]

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Goop: the Healthy Lifestyle Company by Gwyneth Paltrow

Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow, the beautiful and talented Oscar-winning American actress, is also a businesswoman and the author of several cookbooks?! In 2008 Paltrow launched from her kitchen (!) a weekly newsletter about natural health, travel recommendations, healthy recipes and shopping discoveries. The paper was mostly for friends and for herself, so she could get answers for various questions she had about health and fitness. The newsletter got […]

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Jessica Alba Maintains her Beauty in a Healthy and Honest Way

Not long ago, we talked about how being healthy is not all about food. Remember how even shampoo can be considered healthy? There is more to it! Here is where the actress and model Jessica Alba comes into the picture. In 2012, inspired by the birth of her first child, Jessica created a company that provided an alternative to products containing ingredients such as petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. "Honest Beauty" […]

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Celebs: Healthy Lifestyle

Be Happy

Some of us lose ourselves with all the hustle and bustle of life. We get stressed because of school, work, family and sometimes friends and that’s ok! But we must never forget how important it is to smile and be happy too! And although through tough times it can be hard to put on a smile, here are five reasons to do so! 1) You are alive! We seem to […]

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