5 Celebs Share Their Top Packing Tips

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What’s the best part of traveling? Probably the trip itself.

What’s the least fun part of it? I think it’s the packing.

So before I cancel a trip just because I don’t enjoy packing for it (of course I’d never really do that), here are a few packing tips that celebs shared online and are super useful:

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth suggests that we pack key interchangeable pieces (like mix and match accessories), and not to be afraid to wash clothes during the trip.

  1. Drew Barrymore

When the actress Drew goes for a family trip, every member of the family gets a Burton bag. If what they want to pack fits in that bag, then they can bring it. When you know you are limited, you pack less, in her opinion.

Her top travel tip? “Try not to have 18 shopping bags and duffel bags and purses and all those things. It’s messy,” she says.

  1. Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s wife always travels with a small container of tea tree oil. It’s with her the whole time just in case she gets a cut, a mosquito bite, a small breakout or whatever else that can happen. Meghan believes it’s a cure-all.

  1. Eva Longoria

If you come across Eva on a plane, even in a summery destination, you will always find her with comfy & big socks that keep her feet warm, because she gets so cold on planes, and she adds “They also act as a barrier to all the disgusting things on the floor”.

  1. Rebecca Minkoff

This might be our top tip for packing, given by the fashion designer Rebecca, “Roll, do not fold, your clothes. Not only does this free up tons of space in your bag, but it minimizes wrinkling”.

And my tip? Pack your toothbrush & toothpaste in your carry-on/backpack with a small face towel. When you finish a long journey, there is nothing more refreshing than brushing your teeth and washing your face with cold water. After that, you are reinvigorated (with new energy/strength) and ready for your trip ?

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