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We girls all like to doodle every now and then. But have you ever thought that your drawings might make millions one day? That is exactly what happened to Juliette Brindak. She is the founder of Miss O and Friends, a girls-only website to help teens and tweens build their self-esteem through safe chatrooms where they can feel free to socialize or even ask questions about things that bother them. Whether you want to talk about bullying, boys, body image or even if you just want to chat to a few new friends, this website is 100% safe to do just that. If you are not into chatting just yet, with Miss O and Friends you can play games, enter competitions, try out cool quizzes and win prizes too!

So, how did Juliette’s drawings make it big? She started off drawing pictures of “cool girls” (inspired by real girls) and with the help of her mother, who is a graphic designer, Juliette made posters of Cool Girls for her sister’s birthday, and they were a hit. Juliette’s idea for the website came to her when her younger sister started talking about boys, cliques and not eating sweet foods just to stay thin. Being the older sister, she was troubled and wanted to help. So she thought that a website like this would be a great solution for girls around the world going through the same tough issues. And she was right. Now, Miss O and Friends receives around 10 million visits a month and is worth over 30 million dollars.

What’s new? Well, now at the age of 28, Juliette has launched her own TV show “Hyperlinked”, which is about how Miss O and Friends started. Check out the new trailer on YouTube.

So what’s the message Juliette wants to send to girls everywhere through her new series? In her words, she hopes “anyone watching is inspired, motivated, and empowered to go out and create! Whether it’s a website, an app, a YouTube Channel, or the next big medical breakthrough, you shouldn’t be held back by norms or stereotypes. I want everyone to go out and find what they love and do it.”

What are you waiting for girls?

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