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Will All Those Who Don’t Like How They Look, Please Stand Up and Speak Up!

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Do you feel insecure about your body? That is completely normal. And there are many other teens who feel the same. We get such a comforting feeling when we know others are going through the same issues, and it is because of that, that we thought we would share some of those issues and also ways to cope with them.

My thighs are too thick!

Thick thighs mean strong thighs! Each probably much easier for you to pick shopping, walk up stairs and work out. Many people work so hard to be able to do squats well, and you have it easy! Embrace your thighs!

My nose is too big!

Barbara Streisand, Lizzy Caplan, Uma Thurman, Lea Michele, Penelope Cruz, any of these celebrities familiar? They are all known for the “big” noses and look how beautiful they all are! A manager told Lea Michelle when she was 15 years old, that she had to have a nose job if she wanted him to work with her. Lea Michele talked about going to her mum and remembering her say: “Barbara Streisand didn’t have a nose job. You are not having a nose job,” and she didn’t! None of the names above are strangers to the camera and they have dominated the stage with their beauty time and time again…no plastic surgery needed.

I’m too tall / I’m too short!

First of all, height isn’t something that we can change, and, depending on if you are male or female, you can continue to grow until the age of 18 (for girls) and 25 (for boys). So, if we can’t change it, how do we deal with it? Well, this is where fashion takes control. By wearing certain clothes, you can complement your height, whether you are tall or short.

Written by: Mannie

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