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Top Five Extraordinary Animals of All Time

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Did you know that we have over 8.7 million species in our world?

Did you also know that a quarter of them are living underwater?

We don’t have the time to go over all the species, but we are going to tell you about some of the most extraordinary ones on the planet. Some of them, you might never have heard of!

1)    Mimic Octopus

This beauty is indescribable. I meant it! It is literally indescribable as it can change, not only in colour, but in shape, in order to mimic other underwater creatures! Check this video out to see for yourselves.

2)    Aye-Aye

This little creature can seem a little scary, and if you are a bug, they definitely are! The aye-aye is known for its bony middle finger, as this creature uses it to tap on tree trunks to listen to certain vibrations in the tree where grub could be resting. Once it finds the right vibration, it bites through the trunk and scoops it out using the same finger. Don’t worry about bumping into one of these creatures though. They only live on the island of Madagascar. Check out how the aye-aye hunts for food here!

3)    Blue-Footed-Booby

This adorable bird does not have the word “blue” in its name for no reason. It has two bright-blue webbed feet, which help them attract a mate. The brighter the blue, the better the impression! In addition, it isn’t called Booby, which means fool, for no reason either. Spanish sailors called them this because of the way they walked. The males go through a series of unique mating rituals in order to impress a female, including showing off their blue feet, spreading its wings and showing how it can build a home. Check out how the males impress the ladies here!

4)    Pink Fairy Armadillo

These cute armadillos have armour that is indeed pink! They are about the size of the average hand and use their claws to dig into the sand and “swim” just beneath the surface. Check out this little creature here!

5)    Darwin Bark Spider

This spider is really one of its kind! Unlike other spiders who usually build the average size cobweb, this one can build cobwebs up to two metres wide. How does it do it? It shoots silk out of their body, making a bridge of 25 metres long! Not only are its building skills extraordinary, but the amount of silk it produces in seconds is, as well. All that silk from a spider that is less than an inch in size. Take a look at how it builds its incredible web!

Written by: Mannie

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