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The Teen Bringing Health into our Bathrooms

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When we talk about staying healthy, we don’t only mean eating well. We also mean consuming as much as we can of natural things, from what we eat of course, until the products we use on our body as shampoo and soap.

Does the company “Nohbo” sound familiar to you? Probably not. Not yet. Nohbo is an award-winning special company, founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs when the CEO of it was only 14! Benjamin Stern, a teenager who wanted to make the world a better place, came up with the idea of single-use drops for personal care products.

What does this mean? Instead of having plastic bottles for every product in your bathroom, you can have biodegradable (capable of being decomposed) pods that are wrapped in a soluble (meltable) wrapping. We are talking about shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shaving cream that are vegan products and not tested on animals! The best part – they are natural, made without the use of damaging chemicals and packaged with plant-based materials.

If you are wondering how come you didn’t come across the products yet, well, Nohbo just started selling the products and are partnering with many hotels at the same time.

If you imagine Benjamin spending all his time with a white coat in the lab, you are partly right. Besides his love for entrepreneur and science, he is also a pilot in training! He doesn’t only aim high, he also knows how to fly high!

Check out the products in their Facebook page @NohboDrops.


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Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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