Students Speak Out

Monday 10th June

5pm CET

Helen Doron Student Weronika aged 18 from Poland will be broadcasting live on Monday 10th June with Richard between 17:00 and 19:00 CET.

Students Speak Out is a show where Helen Doron students get to talk about their interests, beat Richard at Tongue Twisters, choose their favourite songs and share interesting information about their lives.

Tune in 10th June at 17 00 CET and find out about the lives of our teens all over the world!

Special Guest on Ella’s Show

Thursday June 13th 2024

5pm CET

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Ran Nir launched his solo career under his own name with the release of his debut album, “Obsession,” in 2019, and even though the release and touring plans suffered under the COVID-19 pandemic, Nir was still able to reach millions of streams on different DSPs, as well as tour and get sync and radio placements for his music all over Europe and in his home country Israel. Since then, he has become popular on radio stations throughout the world, especially Germany and France. Ran’s music and productions have also been featured in a variety of films and commercials.

In addition, to his previous hits, Ran released three new singles in 2024, including a Christmas song, and is currently recording more new music.

Stay tuned as TeenBuzz Radio’s Ella Doron interviews Ran on Thursday, June 13th , at 5pm CET on his life, his music, and his dreams.

It’s Always Debatable International Round

June 23rd 2024

11am CET


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