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Scented Candles Aren’t Just for the Ladies

todayMarch 6, 2018 8


Who said candles are for girls? Hart Main, a 14 year-old boy at the time, came up with an idea that would take candles to a whole new level. His idea was that candles should also be available for men who don’t necessarily want a vanilla or lavender smelling house. Main made manly-scented candles that would interest the male population. He invested 100 dollars of his own money with another 200 dollars from his parents to help him raise his product “ManCans” to new heights. ManCans is now sold in nearly 150 stores across the US and has sold around 9,000 candles so far. But did Main stop there? Of course not – after his company became successful he decided to write a book with his father about how it’s like to start a new business at a young age. It’s needless to say that their book was also successful. You can buy your copy of “One Candle One Meal” now.

Hart Main never thought that his idea would grow into what it has become. He quoted: “My goal was to buy a bike, then be done with it.” Now at the age of 17, with his company flourishing, he can buy as many bikes as he wants!

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