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“Dear shelter doggie, I wish that you get a great home. My heart hurts so badly for you to be behind the cage and window. I love you so much. All of you dogs fill up my heart all with love. You are all special to me. I hope Santa Paws gets you a good family who snuggles you, loves you and gives you lots of care. Love, Scarlett Rose Geiger.”

This letter was written by Scarlett, a young teen that has a heart full of compassion for animals. Scarlett takes part in a unique reading program that takes place in a dog shelter. “I love seeing the doggies all chill, ready for me to read to them,” she says.

Every Wednesday after school, Scarlett comes and says hello to all the dogs and cats in the shelter. She plays with them and reads to them different stories she chose herself like Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Dr. Seuss and more.

Her goal is to cheer them up while they wait to be adopted. She knows how important it is because Scarlett herself has two dogs at home that her family adopted. In her eyes, they are her brothers; that’s why Scarlett and her mother use social media to encourage other people to adopt too. Having pets made her understand that every animal deserves to have a family and be loved.

Do you have an adopted pet at home? Tell us all about it!

Check out Uganda’s Comfort Dog Project to know about more ways we can help dogs and dogs can help us!

This was written by TeenBuzz blogger Hanny, the most adventurous member of our TeenBuzz radio team. She loves traveling as much as she can to experience and learn about different cultures, food, scenery and most of all – the people.


Written by: Marilyn Glazier

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