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How Best Friends can be Each Other’s Hero

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Heroes don’t only exist in movies and they don’t always wear a cape with some fancy symbol on their chest. Oh no! Your hero can even be a person that you know quite well.

That friend that is always there for you when you are in need, you got it! It’s your best friend. Here’s why your best friend is your hero and why you don’t need to daydream about some fictional character coming to save you.

First things first, they are there to help you out in the WORST of times. You know those times where you feel that no one understands you? Well, your best friend somehow does. Talk about superpowers.

Comforting you when you are down is important, but giving you some space is too. And who knows how to do that better than your best friend? You don’t even need to say anything; they just know. (Hmm, suspicious…)

Last but not least, my pet peeve. You know those friends that always tell you how good you look, even when it’s not true? Good luck having your best friend say that. Your best friend will drag you straight to a mirror if they think you need to take another look at yourself before heading out.

So if your best friend does all this, you have probably found your hero!

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