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5 Special Things to Take with you on your Next Trip

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We all know the usual check-list of items to take with on trips: water, hat, sunscreen, sleeping bag and so on. What about the special items that turn a good trip into a fabulous one?

Here are our top 5 special items that will make your trip marvelously unforgettable:

Loudspeaker / Headphone Splitter  

Sharing is caring! No more listening to your favorite music with a friend through one side of your headphones. When you have a loudspeaker or a headphone splitter, you can easily share your music with friends and family.

TeenBuzz Radio Speaker


Meet the easy way to reduce plastic waste and save room in your backpack. This is the Spork, 3-in-one combination of spoon, fork and knife. Come to think about it, you don’t need to wait for your next trip to use it; you can even use it at home or at school with your lunch.









A Good Book  

There is nothing better than finding a tree you can lean on and enjoy a book, while listening to the birds around you. To enjoy that, you need a book, preferably a good one, and free time on your trip schedule. For advanced travelers who go out for long trips, bring with you a good book you don’t mind trading for a new book with a different traveler when both of you are finished.




Anti-Mosquito Bracelet

Nothing can ruin a fun trip like the annoying buzz of mosquitoes or their itching bites. This trendy bracelet will send those mosquitoes on their way to find other people to bother, and will help you go through your trip protected from pesky mosquitoes.


A Notebook

Our best moments in life happen when we just don’t expect them. Trips always hold within them opportunities for special acquaintances and unique experiences. Take a notebook (and a pen of course) to write down all your adventures. You can even decorate the notebook before your trip or during the trip with natural items you find around you. This will be a beautiful memory book for you to read and reminisce in a few years.






So, what special thing will you take on your next trip? Let us know! write to us at: [email protected]

TeenBuzz blogger Hanny loves traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, spending time with friends and doing all kinds of crafts, preferably from natural elements ?☀





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